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Can someone help me understand the car rental laws in Ontario and the rest of Canada?
I have the optional coverage added to my Bank of Montreal MasterCard for car rentals. Full details can be found here. It says I must decline the Collision Damage Waiver or Loss Damage Waiver from the Car Rental company. When I ask the car rental agencies for a breakdown of their insurance I never get a straight answer. In summary the benefits are: Coverage Benefits Subject to the terms and conditions, You are covered for: 1. damage to the Rental Car; and 2. theft of the Rental Car or any of its respective parts or accessories; and 3. rental agency charges for valid loss-of-use while the Rental Car is being repaired; and 4. reasonable and customary charges for towing the Rental Car to the nearest available facility. This coverage does not provide any form of third party automobile, property damage or personal injury liability insurance. What exactly does the last line mean? "coverage does not provide any form of third party automobile, property damage or personal injury liability insurance." One person at a car rental company said that the rental company covers everyone for third party damage and liability under their own insurance and the extra insurace is not neccessary as BOM would cover the rental car. When I researched it online, it seems many people think their own car insurance covers them. Is this true? I do not own a car and do not have regular auto coverage. I plan on a renting a lot of cars in the next 6 months and the savings could be significant if I go without the rental agency coverage. But I'm uncertain if I would be responsible for third party damage/liability if I decline the coverage. Can someone help clarify this for me?

I checked with Avis Car Rental (as an example) and the following information was listed on their website: "Avis provides liability coverage for its vehicles as required by applicable law. In most instances, this will include basic public liability coverage for the renter or authorized driver up to the minimum financial responsibility limits of the applicable jurisdiction at no additional charge. In some locations the liability coverage which is provided is secondary to any other applicable coverage. This means the renters personal liability insurances used first and the Avis protection will not apply until the renter or drivers insurance, if any, has been exhausted." Liability coverage basically covers other people, other property and other vehicles. not the rental car. Basically this means that third party liability and property damage insurance would be include in the rate that you pay for the rental. I checked with Ontario law to get some specifics for you to make sure that this information is applicable to all car rental companies in the province. "The Ontario government.states. that the personal auto insurance policy of a renter covers them for liability arising from the use of rental vehicles. Vehicle rental firms provide insurance coverage on vehicles for renters who do not have personal auto insurance in Ontario." The average level of liability coverage on an Ontario personal auto policy is $1million. This is the level of public liability coverage that you get from the rental company as you do not have your own coverage. So basically, your credit will cover loss or damage or theft to the rental car and basic public liability and property damage, as required by the province of Ontario, is inlcluded in your rental rate. To give you an example if you were in the rental car and ran over the curb and knocked over someone's mailbox, ran over their foot, backed into their car and dinged up the fender of the rental car. the liability coverage included in your rate would cover the damaged mailbox, the injured food and the damage to the poor soul's car! Your credit card would cover the damage to the fender of the rental car. You need not purchase any coverages. Hope this information helps! For more car rental tips visit

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There are many options of flights from New Delhi to other cities. Lately, Delhi to Mumbai flights has increased greatly. Delhi being the commercial hub and a metropolis, it has lots of passengers travelling from this city to other important cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The other metropolitans like Mumbai and Bangalore are also developed and known for the heavy industries and IT hub respectively. With the growth and development of Mumbai and Bangalore the daily travelers shuttling from Delhi to Mumbai and Delhi to Bangalore are increasing day by day thus making it important for the airlines have good frequency of flights between these cities. There are many Delhi to Mumbai Flights starting as early as from the morning 06:30 A.M. provided by GO AIR G8-141. The distance from DEL to BOM is 1140 Kms which should not take more than 2hours to travel. The direct flights as well as hopping flights are available all round the day with the last flight by Air India AI-315 at 22:50 P.M. and takes 2hours 5 min to reach Mumbai. The flight fare ranges from INR 5000 to INR 15000 depending on how early the booking made, time chosen and the airline selected from Spice jet, Air India, GO Air and Indigo. One can find a good frequency of Delhi to Bangalore Flights all round the day with the first flight offered by airline Spice jet SG-501 at 06:05 A.M. taking 2hours 50 min to travel 1713 Kms from DEL to BLR. The other airlines involved in this route are Indigo, Go Air, Spice jet, Air India and Jet Konnect. The last flight from Delhi to Bangalore is at 22:50 P.M. by Air India and the air fare ranges from INR 7000 to INR 15000. Many airlines offer the best rate, comfortable timings, early booking advantage and gives incentives to build a loyal customer base. These offers can also be checked on various websites apart from the official website. 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Quite a lot of people, businessman, and corporate travelers travel everyday between these cities on a daily basis. Not limited to metropolitan cities only there are many more flights that take off for different parts of India. Be it Mumbai to Bangalore Flights, or Mumbai to Hyderabad or Mumbai to Belgaum ,there is no compromise on the frequency of these flights as they are well taken care of by different airlines companies in India like Spice Jet, Indigo, Air India, Kingfisher, Jet Connect and so on. These flights may be direct or round off. By direct one means they take off from the airport directly to the destination city and have no intermediate stoppage where as some planes have multiple stoppages before they reach final destination city. It is at the time of booking one need to check the plane route and plan the journey. Booking an air ticket is quite a simple task; all one need is internet access and the payment mode like credit card or debit card. These days banks also assist payment through internet banking, all these payment gateways use SSL security and is easy and secure. There are multiple websites which offer a user friendly interface for easy booking flights of different airlines and gives multiple offers and deals that passengers enjoy. The airline companies also have their own generic websites where one can book the ticket directly. These websites list the flights particularly of their own airline. The offers vary from different times of the year. Some flights provide meals and choice of seat whereas some give discounts on the ticket cost for some kilometers travel or minimize the base pay in the ticket. The cost of tickets goes higher during festive seasons and lowers during normal days. Whatever it is one cannot experience such unparalleled privileges as one can during these air travels. Pune Delhi Flights Experience unparalleled privileges and cheapest flights Pune airport located in the north-east part of the city has multiple flights that take off every day to different destinations. This airport has flights both for domestic and international use. Earlier it was only domestic flights that connected different cities within India but recently the international terminals have been added to this airport that has opened the route to different corners of the world. There are many flights like Pune to Delhi Flights, Pune to Kolkata, Pune to Bangalore and so on that are available at much of ease. The airport is never lonely; all times of the day and night there are passengers that come to board their flights. From early morning till late at night one could see the enthusiastic airport staffs helping passengers board their flights. The best thing about the airline service industry is they are very customer friendly and provide best and the most hostile service to its passengers. They even intimate their passengers about the plane delays and travel conditions via phone calls and message, they give the best ever customer care services. There is multiple checks one need to go through before boarding the flights. Entry to these airports is limited to only the passenger, there is a limit up to where the guests or people who had come to see off their relatives and loved ones or pick up can go up to. This is due to security reasons as airports are one of those busy places that can be target of much terrorist activities. There are oceanic numbers of websites that assist in easy booking of the air tickets. They provide quite cheap flights from Pune to Delhi, Delhi to Mumbai, Chennai to Kolkata or to other places as well. Travellers have the convenience to do the online check in however it is best to plan the trip in advance and be on time for the flight. This avoids the unnecessary hassle that may occur if one is delayed. The airline industry had been a boon for best timely travels.

During 1995-99, ICICI invested Rs 50 million in online technology solutions.. BoM was amalgamated with ICICI bank from March 10, 2001, as a part of. Top Q&A For: Banks Online Do you bank.....…? Yes and yes. Your communication cant be intercepted as long as its encrypted, and every bank has encrypted pages for Do you bank If so, how? I bank Sign In to Banking. Welcome to BMO Please use your BMO Debit Card or BMO Credit Card number to sign in. Register now for. Popular Q&A for: Online Banking with the How Online Banking WorksOpening Accounts Opening an account for an bank requires the account holder to either sign up at a local branch, send in a paper application or apply directly using the banking Aug 31, 2010.

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